Discover MyOdoo Sales

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Manage your commercial flow

Create your tracks, convert your leads into business opportunities, realize your quote directly from the application and send them to the final customers.

MyOdoo Sales allows you to view and interact with your business flow.                   By linking MyOdoo Sales to MyOdoo Dashboard, you can check exactly where you are standing compared to the monthly goals.


Optimize your time

No more endless searches to find the business card from the prospect met the day before, take directly a picture of it with your smartphone and link it at your lead.

You can directly encode the relating actions to this prospect and  so have the recalls appropriate time.                                                                  Ex: call lead X at 2.00 PM

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Realise your quote

MyOdoo Sales allows you to create a real-time quote at a lounge or at  a trade show, for example.


By using MyOdoo Messages, you can directly send the quote to the customer and talk with him about the offer.