Discover MyOdoo Timesheets

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Complete your timesheets

With MyOdoo Timesheets, you can track your working time in real  time, you don't loose any information anymore and you also can measure the working time by customer/ project/ contract/ ...

You can easily organize your working time and tasks in accordance  by the allocated time.

Several applications

MyOdoo Timesheets can answer to the needs of several functions... A commercial can, for example,  follow a visit agenda to the customers, a construction worker can charge the time spent on a specific task or a plumber can charge the time of an intervention at a customer.

Furthermore, you can easily invoice a customer based on the included elements in the timesheets so decrease the risk of error. 

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Easy to use

The application MyOdoo Timesheets is simple to use, a simple button Start/Stop allows to notify the start and stoppage of work while a button "Change action" allows to change either the task either of customer.

All the included items in MyOdoo Timesheets can also allow you to perform an analysis via MyOdoo Dashboard, for example, identify the time spent on a project.