MyOdoo Contacts

Access your company contacts everywhere with MyOdoo, your Odoo mobile app

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Access and create partner, interact with your contacts and access your adress book even in offline mode 
MyOdoo Contacts

Access and create partner

You are traveling but you also need to access your contacts informations ?   There is nothing more easier with MyOdoo Contacts, you can consult and edit the files and informations of your partners.

Don't waste time and create directly your new contacts on your smartphone.  No need to keep the business card of your contact anymore, encode it right at the moment with MyOdoo Contacts and find it back in your Odoo back-office. 

Interact with your contacts

The filter system and research of MyOdoo Contacts allows you to access easily to the desired contact.

Once a contact selected, you can directly interact with it from it's partner informations. Send an email, call your partners .... as many actions that you can easily perform from your Odoo address book.

Furthermore,  you can also share or import your contacts into your address book.


MyOdoo Contacts
MyOdoo Contacts

Offline Mode

You don't have Internet connection ? No worries, your contacts's database is loaded into the application and remains accessible even without Internet coverage.

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