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Help & Questions 


Does the application work in offline mode ? 

Yes, MyOdoo app supports working in offline mode. Add contacts, activities, notes and messages even without any Internet connection.

You can now do all of those things offline. Once you get back online, the changes made will be pushed automatically on your Odoo server.

How does offline work ?

 The offline mode will allow you to access your Odoo records without any network.

The synchronization manager works in 2 steps

- First, the application will get the "x" last updated records based on a configurable period. 

- Next, the application will only get the last updated records for the following refreshments.

Also, it's possible to access non local records with real time search on your Odoo server by using search bar (i.e: Contacts module).

How to configure offline settings ?

The synchronization manager can be customized to only get the data you really need.

You can configure the offline mode in the "Settings" part and then "Application preferences".

There, you will be able to change the date limit of records or specify the synchronization interval.

Finally, you will be able to disable the automatic synchronization.

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