Field Service​

Step into the future of operational excellence with Field Service Management. Elevate your efficiency, streamline tasks, and redefine success in the field.

Streamlined Scheduling with Calendar Views

    • Flexible Perspectives: Choose between Month, Week, or 2-Week views for a customized scheduling experience.
    • Daily Dive: Access all tasks for a selected day instantly, ensuring a focused and organized workflow.
    • Today's Anchor: Easily return to the current date, keeping you grounded and in control.
    • Quick Search: Find interventions swiftly by name, boosting your overall efficiency.

    Unveiling Intervention Features

    • Form View Exploration: Navigate through the intervention form to gain a comprehensive understanding of its components.

    • Information Consultation: Effortlessly access and review detailed information about each intervention, ensuring clarity in every task.

    • Time Tracking (Premium): Efficiently mark the time spent on interventions, an exclusive premium feature designed to elevate your workflow.

    • Product Addition (Premium): Enhance interventions by seamlessly integrating products, a premium functionality that brings added value to your processes.

    • Client Access Shortcut: Connect directly to the client's profile from the intervention interface, streamlining your workflow and facilitating a cohesive customer experience.

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