Why choosing MyOdoo
Why should you go for MyOdoo Application?
22 May, 2020 by
Why choosing MyOdoo
BHC, Sébastien Dieu

MyOdoo, the Odoo native application !

Odoo users have many questions about the utility of installing the MyOdoo mobile application.

As an example: "Odoo is accessible from a web browser, so I can access it from everywhere", "Odoo is responsive, so I can use it from my smartphone",...

All these assertions are correct, but when you are accessing to your ERP, many elements need also to be taken into account as the graphic aspect, the usability, the possibility to work on the software information, the reports ... Indeed, at that stage you are dealing with your work tool, your business data, ... and not to a simple website.

MyOdoo allows you to act and work with your Odoo software as if you were in the office.

MyOdoo app or the Web browser?

It seems important to list the capital gains that could push you up to use the (native) mobile app rather than the responsive version of the Odoo software.

Offline  Mode

The MyOdoo application has an offline mode on several modules: contacts, messages, notes and activities. The offline mode can be applu to all modules of the standard application or to all the developments we could realize for our customers.

Our synchronization manager works in 2 steps:

  • First, the application will retrieve a X number of most up-to-date records.

  • Then the application will only retrieve the updated records.

Also, it is possible to access online to your records with the search tool (cf: Contacts). You can also customize the synchronization settings to retrieve only the records you need in the offline mode.

You can change the records retrieval date or specify the synchronization interval.

An automatic synchronization can also be disabled at your convenience


Odoo Version from 7 to 13, OCA and Enterprise

Today, the MyOdoo application is compatible with Odoo versions 7/8/9 and 10, in both Enterprise and Community versions.

In addition, we can provide an access for the users independently of hosting and it does no matter if you are on the Odoo SAS, a cloud provider or on premises; you can access to your data anyway.

IOS and Android

The application is available on the IOS and Android store, allowing us to cover 99.3%1 of the mobile market. Indeed, we can integrate with all types of mobile devices as long as this one has Android or IOS.


The MyOdoo application as standard is designed and reflected to meet the needs of the mass of users. For example, we take into account comments received from our users in order to customize the views, add features,... In parallel to this standard approach, the MyOdoo application can be totally customized to meet the needs of “specific” users.

We therefore work on the basis of the standard application but we go with the customer to decide on the improvements / adaptations to realize (design / ergonomics aspect/usability). We have, for example, realized developments for clients such as Securitas, WWF, Air Liquide,...


The MyOdoo application has many information on which you can interact as a phone number, an email address,...

MyOdoo allows you to carry out actions on information but also to add content as a picture using the camera of the device.

Odoo Mobile


You can use Odoo from a web browser via a responsive mode. However, the use will not be optimal and adapted to the daily life of your teams.

If you equip your employees with a mobile device, make sure that the interface is also tailored to their uses and expectations. By using MyOdoo, you provide an easy-to-use interface that can be customized to fully meet the expectations of your teams.

[1] Par Christophe Auffray - Vendredi 18 Novembre 2016

Why choosing MyOdoo
BHC, Sébastien Dieu 22 May, 2020
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