MyOdoo Dashboard

Manage your business from your mobile device, follow all the important dashboard with MyOdoo Dashboard, the Odoo mobile application.

MyOdoo Dashboard

Your company dashboards at your fingertips. Share your dashboards and display your data everywhere on your mobile devices.
MyOdoo Dashboard

Your dashboards at your fingertips

Travelling or on the road...  you wish to access to your dashboards, a truly indicator of the evolution of your business. By using MyOdoo Dashboard, you can consult your reports from your device mobile and, as an example,  check the  sales of the week, ...

The reports are related to your Odoo dashboards so it's possible for you to have all the information of you back-office.



Share your dashboards

An exceptional week, ideal shopping management... as many items as you want to share to boost your teams ? Nothing could be simpler, thanks to the "Share" function, you can email or another means of communication a particular dashboard.

MyOdoo App
MyOdoo Dashboard

Display your data

With MyOdoo Dashboard, choose the way you want to display your reports: pie chart, bar chart, line, chart, ....

Use the view the most appropriated to your needs and use it as default.

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