MyOdoo Finance

Take control on your finance and keep an eye your invoices via MyOdoo, the Odoo Mobile Application

MyOdoo Finance

Take control of your finances

The Finance module of MyOdoo app allows you to control your invoices (customers or suppliers), to manage your cash and follow your payments.

Using the dashboard (graphs) view, able you directly to see the status of your finances and invoices.

Zoom on your invoices

The filter system and research of MyOdoo Finance allow you to filter on a specific customer, on a specific status (Open, Paid,...).

Once an invoice selected, you can see all the details (lines, articles, product, services and much more).

Furthermore,  you can also search a specific period of time to find out all the invoices for this period.

MyOdoo Accounting
MyOdoo Finance

Offline Mode

You don't have Internet connection? No worries, your invoices are loaded into the application and remains accessible even without Internet coverage.

I want this application for my business.

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