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Why do you need to equip your salesmen with a mobile application?
22 May, 2020 by
MyOdoo Sales
BHC, Sébastien Dieu

MyOdoo Sales, the CRM application for your salesmen

The mobility affects more and more sector and it is now imperative to give access to the business information to your teams. It's an obvius fact to allow your salesmen to reach their contacts, their sales and their dashboards on a mobile device.

Implement a mobile application into a business is not a simple decision; it represents a real challenge that must enable the company to increase the profitability.  Let's take a look to the customization based on Odoo and MyOdoo products for a company specialized in the pharmaceutical industry and let's discover together the return on investment. 

Customer Case

Before setting up the MyOdoo project, it was essential to identify the areas of improvement for our client and his sales team, namely:

  • Planning: a wrong organization often leads to a waste of time and profitability. For example, many salesmen are losing a valuable travel time.

  • Administrative work: this phenomenon is quite common in companies where we can often note half-days blocked by the salesmen to carry out the administrative work; offers, visit reports,...

  • Offline functionality: given the nature of the company's activity (hospitals, doctors,...), the salesmen do not always have a connection to the internet.

  • Compliance with the month targets: each salesman must fill the monthly objectives in terms of sales, customer visits,...

  • Budget allocations: each saleman has a budget in order to carry out the marketing actions with the customers. Before the implementation of the MyOdoo application, it was difficult to have the information as well as a correct traceability of the use of the budget. It was also important to check the attendance at the events organized by the salesmen. 

Implemented solutions

Taking into account all the customers constraints, we carried out a software development based on the Odoo OpenSource software and on the MyOdoo mobile application. Each salesman has been equipped with an IOS tablet with a portable keyboard to facilitate the daily writing of the quotes, reports and others administrative constraints.

The mobile application brings together all the requests of our client, namely:

  • Implementation of a planning tool

Based on the addresses and the availability of the client, the tool allows to generate a schedule in order to limit the unnecessary trips of the salesman. The MyOdoo application also allows to view the different appointment of the day on a map and to launch the GPS of the tablet in order to calculate the most optimal road.

MyOdoo CRM

  • Reduction of the administrative work time

Each salesman is now able to directly encode the quotes, visits reports and many others informations directly from the MyOdoo application. The immediate impact is a reduction of the blocked administrative work time per week so an increase of the number of customers visits.

The salesmen can encode between two appointments, in a waiting room for example.

Given the nature of the clients, the application also has an offline mode that allows the salesmen to encode, view and act on the customer datas.


  • Gamification: by using the Odoo's gamification module, we were able to respond to the customer's requests, which were to allow each salesman to visualize the situation of the objectives. Naturally, we have adapted the back-office module as we wanted it to be userfriendly on the tablet.

  • Traceability of the samples : the stocks represents a real value for each company so it was essential for our client to trace the samples left by a salesman to the prospects/ customers. We also have set up an extra view on the CRM part in addition to the visit reports and the contact sheet management. Each salesman can encode directly the number of the samples left at a customer in the application. 
    Sales Application
  • Budget management

For the client's need, we have developed a module that wasn't available yet on the MyOdoo application based on the Odoo back-office and on the budgeting module. Each salemans can now encode and manage the budget request for the actions to be carried out with the customer. Furthermore, the participation at the events is traced directly in the application by an electronic signature.


For all the mobile applications, MyOdoo can meet your expectations with or without a customization of the application.

Our team can advise you to increase the profitability of your salesmans while facilitating their daily lives and allowing them to be concentrate on their work and not on some useless tasks. 

MyOdoo Sales
BHC, Sébastien Dieu 22 May, 2020
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